Looking to earn extra money? Purchase books for your children at a discount?

Whether you are looking to build your children’s home library, add a few hundred dollars a month to your income, or looking for an exciting full-time career, Usborne Books & More can help you make a positive difference in the lives of the children and their families. 

How does Usborne Books & More differ from other direct sales businesses?
Usborne Books & More offers unique, high-quality, “consumable” products that everyone needs. Just as children’s bodies grow and need new clothes, their minds grow and need new and interesting reading materials. UBAM books is a brand you can trust to reflect best educational practices and engage young readers.

What does an Usborne Books & More consultant do?
There are many paths a consultant can take with UBAM including but not limited to:

  • Online parties
  • Home parties
  • Preschool book fairs
  • K-12 book fairs
  • Vendor events
  • Fundraisers
  • Grant programs
  • Reach for the Stars school reading incentive programs
    and more!

How much inventory do I need to be a consultant?
None. Seriously.

What does it cost to become a consultant?
You may choose between two kit options costing $59 or $99, and shipping is free. Kits include select best-selling UBAM books, a display box, business supplies and a book credit. The books are yours to keep and cost much more than the kit itself. Worst case scenario? You get many great books at a discount and with free shipping!

Are there monthly, quarterly, or annual sales minimums I must maintain to be a consultant?
Nope. Never.

Are there any additional fees to be a consultant?
There are no fees for six months. After that, consultants pay $8/month for their website and back office ONLY during months they want to buy or sell. Consultants may take time off and jump back in as much as they want with no penalty.

How much money can I make as a consultant?
There is unlimited potential! Usborne Books & More has one of the most generous compensation plans among direct sales companies. Consultants start with a 25% commission on online and party sales, and this increases as their team and personal sales grow! Consultants also may get free and heavily discounted books as well as other great prizes—such as an annual vacation!

What support is available for consultants?
New consultants have access to a multitude of training opportunities online, several groups on Facebook who share ideas and resources, and a team leader for individual support.

What is the catch?
There isn’t a catch. No fine print. No risk.

Can I sign up to consult just to buy books for myself at a discount?
While we would love for you to help increase literacy and reading enjoyment among our nation’s children, the answer to that is yes. Many consultants started only for the personal discount. But be warned….your friends will want these books too!

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