Book Fairs

Schools and libraries of any size can offer easy online and catalog book fairs and receive up to 50% in FREE BOOKS or cash back. Earned free books may be chosen from the entire Usborne Books & More catalog, including library bindings. An online book fair is a great way to support families with books that will keep their children engaged and learning.

  • Online book fairs are hassle-free!
  • No volunteers are needed – it’s all online.
  • Shopping is convenient – the school’s book fair site is accessible 24/7.
  • Complete descriptions of books are available online.
  • All 1,800+ titles are available to customers – no heavy lifting involved.
  • Books can be shipped directly to families – no sorting or bagging of books is necessary.
  • Additional materials such as an e-mail campaign, flyers, and posters are available to promote your event.

Contact me to set up a book fair.